Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching
76 rue Cuvier lyon 6, 69006 Lyon
06 99 82 42 79
Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching


Special workshops

Creative workshop around emotions

(individual or group work with a minimum of 6 people).

  • Through different media (painting, sculpture, writing, games, mimes...), chosen according to the audience and interactions,
  • I allow myself to understand, feel and accept all my emotions.

Here, the main objective is to have fun while learning about yourself!

Keywords: emotions, spontaneity, games, laughter, letting go, kindness, playful, non-verbal art, imagination, concentration, children's specialist

Imagination bubble workshop

(individual or group work with a minimum of 6 people).

  • I develop my imagination around fantastic tales.
  • I am re-appropriating my personal power and becoming aware of my inner strength.
  • I'm going at my own pace because there's no rush.
  • I'm gentle and patient with myself.
  • I love and respect myself.

Here the primary objective is to develop one's imagination while having fun and to be in contact with the sense of the marvellous. 

Key words:

treasure, discovery, imagination, creativity, gentleness, evolution, self-esteem, non-verbal, imagination, concentration, children's specialist

Workshop the Toltec Little Ones

(individual or group work with a minimum of 6 people).

  • I'm doing my inner exploration 
  • I'm making my strength and protection shield 
  • I use my talking stick 


Here, the primary goal is to connect with one's personal power and learn how to use it in the best way for oneself and others.

Keywords: Identity, spontaneity, authenticity, laughter, self-acceptance, personal development, writing, evolution, new perspectives, caring, hero, children's specialist 

Workshop Magic is in me

(individual or group work with a minimum of 6 people).

  • I become aware of my hidden talents and bring them to light so that I can share them with the rest of the world.
  • I value my potential because I am a unique and important person.
  • I'm developing a champion mentality that allows me to succeed at anything.
  • I have confidence in myself and fully accept myself as I am.


Here the primary objective is to become aware of its value, to take its place, its rightful place, its entire place.

Keywords : Talent, compassion, self-esteem, creativity, forgiveness, gentleness, evolution, assertiveness, children's specialist

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By Jean-Luc P

I highly recommend the workshop proposed by Anne-laure.I have experienced it and I have discovered how to meet oneself gently and in depth. With security, kindness and pleasure! Anne-laure Grasso will accompany you with professionalism.

By Marie C

Would you like to have a moment for yourself, just you and your deepest self, a unique moment for yourself, to discover your deepest thoughts, your most cherished aspirations and your hidden dreams? All you have to do is sign up for the writing workshops organized by Anne-Laure Grasso! A unique moment to breathe and feel good! It's magical!

By Philippe V

Participating in a writing workshop with Anne-Laure is a moment full of charm, a smile and depth at the same time! A rather sweet moment that allows you to get to the bottom of yourself! I highly recommend it!

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