Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching
76 rue Cuvier lyon 6, 69006 Lyon
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Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching

Children "High potentials", "Precocious" or "Hypersensitive"...

In my job, I come across a lot of "high potential" children, who do not always have confidence or awareness of their potential and value.


My life mission is to help them create light in them so that they can see their strengths and assets. and see a broad smile on their faces when they understand that they already have everything in them.


Since my beginnings, I have always been committed to helping sensitive children express and manage their emotions.
Certainly because of my own sensitivity and empathy.

Very often and because of my Systemic training, I do this work in correlation with the parents.

The goal; to help them take care of their needs and heal their inner child and thus allow the children to keep their innocence and their faith in the wonderful.

Whatever the form (workshops, conferences, consultations), and although the content varies, a certain general idea often comes up.

It is the fear for one of the parents, or even for both of them to take some responsibility (which tends towards guilt or judgment), of the "problem" that their children may be going through.

I prefer to talk about a solution, because yes dear parents, I have happy news because you are the solution!


I am addressing the so-called "High Potential", "Early", "Hypersensitive" or even "Gifted" children, you who often meet one of these criteria, but also sometimes fall prey to certain school, social or societal difficulties...

I want to tell you from the bottom of ♥️ that it's OK to be different and to be who you are.

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