Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching
76 rue Cuvier lyon 6, 69006 Lyon
06 99 82 42 79
Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching

The psychotherapy session with Anne-Laure GRASSO

Course of the session


Generally speaking, the first session allows me to ask questions in order to gather the necessary information. I set the framework (which allows to ensure the security and the relationship of trust by defining the place, the price, the periodicity and the duration of the sessions, the rules applied, the methods, etc.) and it is in this way that the therapeutic alliance (which will allow to obtain a relationship of trust and results) is built.

We will also draw up the contract of objectives and the therapeutic work will end once the objective has been reached. There may also be an evolution of the contract depending on the progress of the process, so the duration will vary according to your needs.

My approach will help you to:

. solve problems you encounter in your daily life

- to resolve conflicts, tensions, disagreements, emotional setbacks...

- find your career path

- improve your personal and professional relationships

- manage your anxieties, your worries

- improve your well-being

- find positive directions in your life

- managing bereavement or separation

- tame your emotions

- harmonize the relationship between your body, your emotions and your unconscious mind

- develop your awareness of being

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