Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching
76 rue Cuvier lyon 6, 69006 Lyon
06 99 82 42 79
Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching

Anne-Laure GRASSO, your psychopratician in Lyon

Anne-Laure GRASSO


My name is Anne-Laure Grasso, I have been training as a Psychotherapist at the PSI school since September 2017.

Before that, I was manager of my children's shoe shop for 5 years in the 6th district of LYON!

What's the connection between my old and new business?

Make sure the people I meet are comfortable in their sneakers!

Indeed, I accompany children and young adults in helping them to achieve their self-fulfilment and in improving their daily life.

I started my professional career as a manager of my children's shoe shop. I liked this job very much because it offers a privileged contact with children, but also with their parents. I observed the people I met a lot and it was very useful for me to channel the younger ones who were not always willing to cooperate. After 5 years in this shop, I had the feeling that I had been through this business.

I then asked myself how I could record my passions (including psychology and pedagogy) with the qualities I had acquired while continuing to work with adolescent children and young adults.

Sensitive to the problems that I had noticed in many clients, I decided to move towards the relationship of help by starting a training of Psychotherapist and coach at the School of Integrative Systemic Psychology of Lyon, PSI LYON, in the process of certification.

Today, I offer individual Art Therapy, Coaching and Psychotherapy for all children, teenagers and young adults.

"Convinced by the intimate link between mind and body, I also intervene on the psycho-physical level.

I work in a multidisciplinary network, with professionals in order to take into account problems in a systemic way.

We support all systems (families) in co-therapy.

It's an opportunity to blend everyone's expertise.

One of the advantages is to benefit from the cross-eye view of two professional and experienced therapists.

Career path and training

I am in the process of certification to be a Psychotherapist and I am currently a psychopratician in Systemic and Integrative Psychology.

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