Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching
76 rue Cuvier lyon 6, 69006 Lyon
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Anne-Laure GRASSO
Art therapy - Systemic and integrative psychotherapy - Coaching


Psychotherapy in Lyon (69006 )



Psychotherapy is a treatment that relies on purely psychological means based on talking in regular talks that can be done alone or in a group with the therapist .


Because of my training based on the main currents of analytical thought, I combine the analysis of the content of verbal therapy with a lived emotional therapy.


The duration of treatment varies from one patient to another since it is based on the contract of objectives set up between the two parties.

It is fully scalable at the client's own pace.


Depending on the patients (child adolescents and young adults), the type and severity of the disorder, and the context of the intervention, there are many forms of psychotherapy based on as many different practices and approaches.


However, most of them are based on the establishment of an interpersonal relationship between the patient and the therapist within the framework of an explicit contract of care.


I add to this the importance of a therapeutic framework based on rules of therapy and allowing the objective to be achieved safely.


In this respect, they differ from individual support practices such as coaching and personal development.


The work is the same in Psychotherapy and in coaching; however, it is done more on the surface for the latter.

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